Centerville Bookkeeping Services

Balanced books are the key to running a financially sound and stable business. When’s the last time you looked at an income statement? Checked on the health of your cash flow? Ran an accounts receivable report to see overdue invoices? Lion Rex ATA Inc. puts you in a position to truly understand the financial health of your business with robust bookkeeping services. We’re your seamless partner for small business accounting in Centerville, OH and across the great State of Ohio.

Bookkeeping Services

Are your business’ transactions being accounted for appropriately? We offer small business bookkeeping services that ensure your sales are accurately reflected on your ledger. Whether you’re a cash-based business or are making the leap to accrual-basis accounting, your books need to reflect transactions accordingly. We keep them accurate and balanced, ensuring everything goes from general entry to properly categorized. We customize bookkeeping to your business, to ensure you’re getting the level of service and oversight you need for a clear, real-time, accurate look at your business’ books.

Small Business Accounting Support

Our team takes great care in providing small business accounting support to businesses throughout Centerville, OH and across Ohio. Whether you need financial statements prepared and evaluated or you’re looking at your balance sheet with questions, we can help. Our experts rely on seasoned accounting knowledge, as well as modern accounting software and resources to provide full and complete solutions to businesses on-demand. The financial health of your business should never be a mystery!

Tax Season 2020

Keep Your Books Balanced

A growing business has money coming in and going out daily. It’s important to have a clear picture of the business’ finances, to ensure good decision-making as you look to expand and grow. Turn to Lion Rex ATA Inc. for bookkeeping and accounting services that lend insight into your small business and its profitability. Reach us today at 937-436-1400 to schedule a consultation.

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