Centerville Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation services are something every business should entrust to a CPA. Not only will a certified tax preparer ensure your taxes are completed and filed appropriately, they can also help you navigate potential tax issues before they trigger an IRS audit, fines or penalties. At Lion Rex ATA Inc., tax preparation services are a cornerstone of our partnership with many Centerville, OH businesses and companies throughout the State of Ohio. We’re here to keep you on the right side of tax laws, so you can focus on healthy, sustainable business growth.

Tax Preparing

Tax Preparation

Having trouble filing your quarterly taxes? Need help gathering the financial documents and statements to complete your filing? We provide tailored tax preparation services to businesses big and small. As a third-party tax expert, we’re responsible for keeping your taxes accurate and on-time, and we take our duty seriously. Expect encompassing service from us, so you can go about your business without fear of missing filing dates or owing penalties to the IRS or local tax authorities.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

It behooves businesses to look ahead and make sure they’re planning appropriately for taxes owed in the future. We assist businesses in Centerville, OH and across the State of Ohio as they seek to stay abreast of their tax responsibilities. We can help you anticipate how much you’ll owe, establish a plan to set that amount aside, and even plan for taxes owed as the result of new employees, massive growth or expansion into new markets. We take the fear and uncertainty out of tax planning, so you always have a clear path ahead.

Tax Documents

IRS Representation

Are you being audited by the IRS? Owe penalties or fines to a local tax authority? Beyond being a trusted tax preparer, we’re also your authority for IRS representation. We’ll stand by your side to assess penalties and to better-understand the claims or liens against you. Let our experts help you establish a plan for communicating with certainty and transparency when dealing with the IRS.

Leave Tax Questions to the Experts

At Lion Rex ATA Inc., we strive to simplify business taxes, taking the frustration out of compiling and filing yours. We can even help you look ahead to anticipate upcoming tax bills and make sure you’re well-represented in the event of IRS probes or audits. Contact us today at 937-436-1400 to put your business’ taxes in expert hands.

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